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Overview of the Release

August 2, 2017

Release Notes for Symas OpenLDAP
Gold and Silver, Version

Release Highlights:
This release is the second for OpenLDAP 2.4.45.
This release is recommended for all users. Users that have
configured their installation for large multi-valued attributes
are strongly urged to update.

Upgrade warning:

* This release has the potential to change the on-disk format for
* LMDB/MDB databases for versions prior to
* If you are setting or changing the back-mdb values multival_hi and
* multival_lo it will be necessary to back up any affected databases
* using slapcat before making the change and restoring them with
* slapadd after making the change.
* If you are not setting these values then a database reload is not
* needed.
* Please contact support for additional assistance. Back-BDB/HDB
* databases are unaffected.

* This release has the potential to change the schema requirements
* for slapo-ppolicy for customers using the cn=config backend if
* it was configured prior to the SOLD release.
* If upgrading from a release prior to and slapo-ppolicy is
* in use via cn=config, then it will be necessary to modify the
* schema for ppolicy prior to upgrading
* Specifically, the following attribute definition must be added:
* olcAttributeTypes: {16}( NAME ‘pwdMaxRe *
* cordedFailure’ EQUALITY integerMatch ORDERING integerOrderingMatch
* Please contact support for additional assistance.
This release of Symas OpenLDAP contains the following component versions:

OpenLDAP 2.4.45

BDB 5.3.28

Cyrus SASL 2.1.26

OpenSSL 1.0.2k

GPerftools 2.6.1 (Select platforms)

Heimdal Kerberos 7.4.0 (Select platforms)

Summary of Changes:
Fixed SLES package names (SOLD-42)
Fixed reference to CDS in ldap.conf.default (SOLD-37)
Fixed Windows version detection (SOLD-50)
Added Kerberos support to Solaris builds (SOLD-57)
Added Windows 2016 to supported OSes (SOLD-51)
Added Debian 9 support (SOLD-58)
Fixed path to python for (SOLD-61)
Fixed startTLS support for slapo-remoteauth (SOLD-66)
Fixed syncprov memory leak on delete operations (ITS#8690)
Fixed Windows Eventlog registry key setting (ITS#8705)

Cyrus SASL:
No changes

No changes

Berkeley DB:
No changes

Heimdal Kerberos:
Upgrade to 7.4.0 (SOLD-70)

Upgrade to 2.6.1 (SOLD-71)

No changes


Status of this release:

This is a production release and is made available for general use. We
have tested it in our labs and in the field and we believe it is
suitable for use in production environments. However, as is always the
case with any software, please test it in your own environment to make
sure it meets your requirements, maintain backups of critical data, and
make appropriate provisions for unexpected outages.

Bug reports, comments, and suggestions can be submitted to

We look forward to hearing from you!



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