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Symas OpenLDAP 2.4.x

Symas OpenLDAP Directory is the most efficient, flexible, stable, and performing LDAP directory server engine on the market. Based on OpenLDAP and other Open Source software, Symas OpenLDAP Directory contains everything you need to deploy high-performance, robust, and secure LDAP directory services on most modern platforms (Linux, UNIX, AIX, Mac OS X, and Windows). Symas OpenLDAP Directory is streamlined for easy setup and simple administration.

For greater deployment flexibility and to maintain “as is” legacy environments, a choice of high-performance transaction-oriented databases is provided, including a conventional “old-school” database based on Oracle Berkeley DB and a high-performance memory-mapped database (Symas Lightning Memory-mapped DB) based on Symas’s new Open Source memory-mapped b-tree technology. Both of these databases allow hot backups and automatically recover after power failures or system crashes. Symas OpenLDAP Directory also supports secure authentication methods, encryption, and replication.

Symas OpenLDAP Directory includes major components from recent versions of the following Open Source distributions: OpenLDAP, Berkeley DB, OpenSSL, Cyrus SASL and Heimdal Kerberos. Symas OpenLDAP Directory comes in the form of pre-compiled and fully tested libraries and installs using native OS installation tools.